Programme Details

In partnering with The Caribbean Export Development Agency (CE), Republic Bank is providing Caribbean business owners with the opportunity to become high-earners of Foreign Exchange (FX) through regional and global expansion.

Value of the programme

Specifically designed with the Caribbean creative in mind, Republic Bank’s SME clients can access CE’s services, including:
• Training and funding to develop their export potential and knowledge on exporting to compete globally.
• Creating an export plan to position and distribute their products in regional or global markets.
• Researching new markets to analyse customer demographics, political, economic and social trends that would impact their business.
• Marketing strategies to promote their brands regionally and globally.
• Establishing business sustainability and brand leadership across the region.
• Technical programmes in Energy Management, Voluntary Sustainable Standard, Food Safety & Intellectual Property

How do I access the programme?

Republic Bank customers in Trinidad & Tobago can access more information by contacting their Branch Account Manager or their assigned Corporate Manager. Services are FREE of charge to all customers.

Learn more at: https://republictt.com/commercialexport-training