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Small Business, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in issues affecting small businesses. Notice how they use their executive summary to spell out all the major parts of their business plan and entice the reader to want to learn more.

The Entrepreneurial Institute’s 1995 report stated that by the year 2000, half of the nation’s more than 20 million small businesses will need to adopt formal business practices in order to secure their future success.

Small Business Inc. plans to capitalize on this by providing consulting services to small business owners and managers nationwide, in businesses with 200 or fewer employees, that need assistance instituting marketing and product development business planning processes. Through seminars, workshops, and consulting, Small Business, Inc. will provide training to business owners and employees in such areas as development and writing of marketing and product development plans; assistance in managing product launch and roll-out; team management and development; human resources procedures including formal policy creation. As companies continue to flourish, Small Business, Inc. plans to provide the training they need to manage their growth. Videotape programs, booklets, and other materials will be added to the company’s product repertoire in two years and will be sold at Small Business, Inc.’s events as well as through direct mail and magazine ads.

Small Business, Inc. has competitors for its services, but none that offer an array of expertise as broad as that of Small Business, Inc. While each competitor specializes in a particular discipline, Small Business Inc. has brought together a team of recognized experts in each area of development to provide a full-service offering. Small Business Inc.’s management team, led by E.L. Winer, founder of ABC Computing, and nationally-recognized expert on business development, has assembled a staff of 12 other leading experts he has encountered in his 25 years in the field. Mr. Winer’s high-visibility has already enabled the company to gain recognition. For example, Small Business Inc. has secured a relationship with two national trade groups that signed commitments to appoint Small Business Inc. as their official Small Business Guru in exchange for Mr. Winer speaking at their annual association meetings and providing annual on-line interviews gratis.

Other well-known consultants on the Small Business Inc. include its president, Carl Katz, a nationally-recognized human resources expert, and its executive vice president, Sally Powers, the 1994 winner of the National Association of Marketing Executives Excellence Award.

Small Business Inc. requests venture capital of $750,000 for administration, overhead, marketing and to meet short-term working capital needs.

Small Business Inc. is a C corporation formed in 1996. The market for companies selling to the small business market is strong, and Small Business Inc. plans to build up a strong client base of repeat customers and a library of materials for sale to this market. Because of the interest in this market, the rapid growth that the founder’s reputation will make possible, and the materials that will create a strong connection between customer and company, Small Business Inc. believes that the company will be a strong takeover candidate in five years.


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