Market Research & Planning

Ready to grow? Research the market, conduct competitive analysis, and try out our marketing plan template to formalize your own marketing plans.
Create Your Marketing Plan

Whether your company provides products or services, your marketing plan is essential to your success. Use this marketing plan template with our expert advice.
Effective Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis allows you to identify your competitors and evaluate their respective strengths and weaknesses.
Low Cost Market Research

To run a business, you must know your market thoroughly. This article offers small businesses on a tight budget five cost-effective market research tips.
Opening And Marketing

Follow this suggested checklist to complete all must-do’s before opening your business and marketing it to your customers.
Pricing Q&A’s

Pricing strategies and the price you charge your customer have a direct impact on the success of your business. Read these Q&As on pricing.
Segment Your Audience

Customer segmentation is understanding customers’ unique characteristics and behaviors. Evaluate your customers against five criteria discussed in this article.
Top Six Pricing Mistakes

When you need to determine the price for your products and services, beware of the common pricing mistakes described in this article.