Sample Labor Requirements Description

Food Service Sheet is a proposed monthly newsletter that will be delivered to food service companies serving institutions, as opposed to businesses. An example of its labor section is below:

Food Service Sheet will require the services of freelance writers, desktop publishers, and graphic artists.

Freelance writers will need to have experience reporting on the food service industry. Two trade publications, Food Service News and Service Suppliers Monthly, which focus on food service industry as a whole, generate a good crop of writers with this experience, many of whom are looking for freelance work. The going rate for freelance writers in this arena is between fifty cents and seventy-five cents per word. Writers hired to work for Food Service Sheet will be educated on the industrial side of the business through printed materials provided by management. In keeping with industry practices, writers will not be paid for their training time.

Management has contacts, from its experience in the publishing field with desktop publishers and graphic artists who have newsletter design and production expertise. This labor does not require training in these areas. Two candidates are available to work on the project. These professionals will be paid on a project basis. Details of the cost for graphic artists work and production of the newsletter are contained in the Cost of Goods form. Two college students will be hired at minimum wage to do the mailings for Food Service Sheet.

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