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Acme Brings Extended Service Contracts
to the Personal Computer Industry

Company Will Provide One and Two-Year Warranty Extensions for PC Hardware; Creates a New Profit Center for Dealers and Distributors

ANYTOWN, N.Y.; June 22, 1996 – Acme Corporation has introduced the first third-party service contract program that covers the repair or replacement of personal computer hardware beyond the original manufacturers’ warranties.

Acme, which administrates service contracts for the consumer electronics, appliance and automobile markets, is now bringing its expertise in this area to the PC business. Three separate programs provide computer users with extended coverage for everything from basic service to theft protection for all types of PC hardware, including central processing units, monitors, keyboards, laser printers, and other peripheral equipment.

The extended warranties will be available exclusively through PC distributors and retailers. Amalgamated and the computer division of Zippy Distributing Co., two leading PC product distributors, already have agreed to carry the Acme service contracts.

“No other service contract administrator has made this kind of commitment to working with the PC industry, which we see as a natural extension of our business,” said Ignatz Fusilli, Acme’s Chairman and CEO. “Computer users want to protect themselves from costly repair expenses, and computer retailers and distributors are looking for new profit opportunities in this very competitive and cost-sensitive business. Acme’s service contracts meet both these needs.”

Each Acme service contract program provides parts and labor coverage for a one- or two-year extension of the original manufacturer’s warranty. Other features include toll-free access to a nationwide network of factory-authorized service centers; toll-free diagnostic service that can help users pinpoint hardware and software problems; and optional “trip charge” coverage that can spare a computer owner the inconvenience of having to return a product to the dealer or manufacturer for repair.

For added flexibility, the computer owner can obtain coverage at any time from the initial purchase of the equipment up to 60 days prior to the expiration of the original manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, every Acme service contract is backed by an insurance policy issued by a carrier with an “Excellent” rating from the A.J. West insurance rating firm.

Acme Corporation, based in Anytown, New York, was founded in 1982. Through its subsidiaries, Acme Consumer Product Services and Acme Automotive Services, the company administers service contract programs for personal computers, consumer electronic products, appliances, home office equipment, automobiles, and recreational vehicles.

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