Sample Support Services Description

Bella’s Biscotti is a wholesale bakery operation that will begin by selling Italian biscotti cookies to gourmet shops in its region. The company then plans to expand through its distributors national chains. Observe how she has highlighted the relevant experience of her professional support staff in the following example, and use this as a guideline for creating your own.

Advertising and Marketing

Figgis Communications, an advertising and communications company in Metro City, will provide full service advertising and marketing on a project basis, including corporate image consulting, package design, and media buying. Figgis’ clients include national baked goods companies such as Nabisco Foods, as well as regional offerings such as Kate’s Breads.

Professional Staff

Edward Naldor is the attorney for Bella’s Biscotti. He is currently the attorney for La Boheme Baked Breads and oversaw that company’s growth from a one bakery location into a large-scale bread wholesaler to gourmet shops and restaurants in Metro and New City. Naldor’s connections in the baked goods industry and experience with the growth of La Boheme will be instrumental in helping Bella’s Biscotti navigate its way through its five year plan for growth. Mr. Naldor has a law degree and an MBA from Columbia.

Samuel Richards is the CPA for Bella’s Biscotti. He worked closely with Edward Naldor, the company’s attorney, on the maintenance and expansion of La Boheme, and brings experience and connections in the baked goods industry to Bella’s Biscotti. Mr. Richards is the chairman of the National Association of CPAs Small Business Services Committee and writes a monthly column on managing the financial side of small company growth for National Business Monthly magazine.

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