The Market Toolbox

Worksheet *

Create a Customer Profile (pdf)

This worksheet can help you identify common characteristics for your customer base.

Downloadable Template *

Sales Projections (pdf)

This downloadable spreadsheet is designed to help you determine your numbers for various sales scenarios.


Market Size

Here’s the market size/trends statement for an office designer targeting home-based workers in the Philadelphia area.

Competitive Analysis

East End Camera, a photography store, has a wide range of different competitors. See their analysis.

Estimated Sales Summary

See how Acme Public Relations, a high-tech PR start-up, summarizes its projected sales.


How to Research your Industry and Competition

Tips, hints and sources for tracking down up-to-date, reliable information about your market, your industry, and your competitors.

* Note on downloading: Worksheets are RTF (Rich Text Format) files which are compatible with most word processing programs. Templates are Microsoft Excel files. PDF (Portable Document File) versions of worksheets and templates are also available. PDF documents can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which can be downloaded from the Adobe site.