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Adapted from content excerpted from the American Express® OPEN Small Business Network

Just as it is important to keep an accurate database of your customers and prospects, it is crucial to make sure you are targeting the right people with your media message. Many small businesses make the mistake of sending press releases to “Editor,” assuming it will be forwarded to the right person. That rarely happens. You need the name of the right editor or reporter.

Getting the right name is as simple as calling and asking who the right editorial contact is. Then get to know that person. Editorial contacts can be the most important element of your PR campaign. Think about it this way: a reporter is more likely to write about a company or person he/she knows about…and is MOST likely to write about a company or person with whom he/she has a relationship.

Editorial staffs change on a regular basis, and reporters often shift “beats” (what they cover). Be sure to review your media list every 4-6 months to keep it up to date.

To qualify your media contacts, ask yourself these questions:

Is this a publication I want publicity in?

Do my customers/prospects read this publication (or watch this TV show)?

Does this person write about companies such as mine?

Does this person assign articles that would include a news event like mine?

Is there another writer or editor at this publication who would also be interested in my company?

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