Creativity and Sustainable Societies

As part of our collaboration with the OECS Sustainable Development Movement conference, we explored a series of conversations on sustainable development.

In this fireside chat, we explored the topic of Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Creating Sustainable Societies.

The following three videos are parts of the same conversation with:
Chris “Jillionaire” Leacock, Entrepreneur, Creative Technologist
Nigel Baptiste, Managing Director of Republic Bank Limited
Chike Farrell (moderator), Co-Founder and Chairman, Caribbean Ideas Synapse

Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Creating Sustainable Societies (Part 1)

Part one of three explored the following ideas of:

  • Understanding what sustainable development is and why it cannot be realised in its true sense for our Caribbean.
  • Having a positive outlook and creating sustainable businesses and opportunities moving forward post pandemic.
  • The importance of sustainable development pre and post COVID-19.

Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Creating Sustainable Societies (Part 2)

This video is part two of three and highlights the following topics:

  • Making the creative and cultural industries sustainable and financially viable.
  • Innovative ideas for making Carnival and the local music industry sustainable and financially viable.
  • The need for redefining the threshold for financial sustainability and being open to the opportunities.

The companies moving to the next level successfully and the inspiration they provide to others.

Harnessing Natural Advantages

This video is the final part and summed up the conversation by examining:

  • The way globalisation has enabled us to skip some of the steps businesses would typically have needed to take toward sustainable development.
  • Making the best of our natural Caribbean spirit and penchant for fun.
  • How technology can be leveraged to deliver services.