Programme Details

The focus of the RBL/UWI Management challenge is to foster critical thinking, innovation, creativity and practical experience to students as they identified and solved real-world challenges. Republic Bank has completed its 3rd edition of the RBL/UWI Management Challenge. Since our first edition in 2017, the RBL/UWI Management Challenge has evolved from practical research assignments to taking our students beyond the limits of the classroom and providing them with the opportunity to make connections with real-world issues.

The challenge invites students of The UWI St Augustine Campus to examine a company’s primary functional areas, scope, and strategy, and make recommendations to increase the company’s long-term competitive advantage.

The objective upon completion of the Challenge, is to inspire a new generation of students with the capacity and confidence to achieve success as they enter the business world.

Value of the programme

The 3rd edition of the RBL/UWI Management Challenge commenced on June 8th, 2022, with Year 3 Management students adopting the role of business leaders to evaluate local companies, make strategic recommendations and win a paid internship with Republic Bank!
We aim to provide more students with future editions of the RBL/UWI Management Challenge, to thrive and become the leaders of tomorrow!

How do I access the programme?

Applications are managed by the Department of Management Studies at the The UWI St Augustine Campus.