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No Place Like Home Page is a temporary personnel agency specializing in Internet and World Wide Web programmers, designers and content providers. Even a service company like this has to create a detailed “product” section for its business plan. Here’s what No Place Like Home Page wrote:

No Place Like Home Page will use only experienced programmers, designers, and content providers who have already worked on World Wide Web sites and other Internet-related development. The company is the only temp agency in the region with this specialty. Each person that No Place Like Home Page represents will go through a detailed screening process. They will be interviewed, their portfolios will be reviewed, and their references will be checked. In order to register with our service, they will be required to sign an exclusive contract with No Place Like Home Page. Other agencies in the area allow people to register with only a cursory interview, and they may register with multiple agencies.

No Place Like Home Page will provide three different services for companies that want to hire our Internet programming temps:

Development in a Box® – For the company that is looking to put together a Web Site, but has no internal programming or development staff, we will provide a complete Internet development team. Through Development in a Box®, the customer will get all the personnel they need to create and execute a successful web site. All members of the D-i-a-B team will have worked together on previous efforts. Other temp agencies can provide individual programmers and content providers. No one else provides this type of experienced development SWAT team.

Project temps – For companies that need help on a specific project, No Place Like Home Page will provide temporary personnel on a per-project basis. The temp will go to the company at the outset of the project, and finish the day it is completed. Because No Place Like Home Page temps are experienced in their Internet specialties, the customer can be guaranteed that he/she will fit seamlessly into the development team.

Short-term temps – Customers will be able to hire No Place Like Home Page temps on a daily basis. This is how most other temp agencies work. While our per diem costs will be higher, the client will be assured that the person they get will have the experience they need. If the temp does not work out, or does not have the skills necessary to complete the requested job, No Place Like Home Page will refund 110% of our fee.

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