Sample Funding and Return Statement

Fig-Bone Technical Communications is a small agency specializing in technical writing. Started by Arthur Figg, a freelance technical writer, and two colleagues, it plans to provide in-depth technical writing services to a wide range of companies by utilizing a stable of freelance technical writers and subcontractors. Fig-Bone used the following statement in its request for a bank loan:

Service company looking for small bank loan

Fig-Bone Communications’ three principals already own an extensive inventory of computers, printers and software to support this venture. We expect income from our existing client base to finance most of our current operating needs, including dedicated home-office space. Limited debt financing in the amount of $15,000 is needed to finance the acquisition/lease of a specialized telephone system and other communications equipment, as well as to upgrade our existing computer and printing equipment. An additional $5,000 is needed to finance our direct mail marketing and trade show marketing campaigns described in the “Marketing Plan” section of this document.

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