Sample Offer Letter

Adapted from content excerpted from the American Express® OPEN Small Business Network


Mr. John Smith
100 Broadway
New York, NY 10001

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am pleased to offer you a full-time position with our company as (job title). Please report to (address) on (date) at (time) for your first day of work and company orientation.

Your annual salary will be (amount). Paychecks will be distributed on alternate Fridays, beginning the second Friday after your start date.

The company offers medical insurance, group life insurance, and short- and long-term disability as well as two weeks paid vacation each year. You will become eligible for these benefits, as outlined in our employee handbook, on your three-month anniversary of employment with the company. As we discussed, you will receive a signing bonus of (amount) on your three-month anniversary with the company.

While I hope that we both find our professional relationship mutually beneficial, this is an at-will position. You have the right to terminate your employment at any time, as does the company.

If this offer of employment is acceptable to you, please sign a copy of this letter and return it to me within 10 days. I look forward to having you join our staff.


(Your name and signature)

I accept your offer of employment and acknowledge receiving a copy of your current employee handbook. No oral commitments have been made concerning my employment.


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