Support Services

Strong support services – including attorneys, accountants, advertising agencies, as well as industry-specific services – help indicate others’ faith in your business as well as your ability to attract talent to your business. Having support services in place also indicates to readers of your plan that you have thought through all of the support you will need for the business to thrive. In your description of each support service, describe what strengths the company or individual possesses, as well as what experience or contacts they bring to your company.


  • Ask industry peers for the name of the best support services for your industry.
  • Read trade magazines to find the names of “hot” firms that will add clout to your business plan.
  • Start-up firms will often take on other start-ups. If you can find a start-up support services company founded by high flyers, this will add cachet to your business.
  • Be sure to mention education when it will carry the most clout. For example, business and law degrees are evaluated heavily based on the institution from which they were earned, so if you are bringing in lawyers or MBAs, mention their Alma Maters.
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